Sunday, February 19, 2006

Super Sports?

On Tim's blog, he recently expressed apathy about the outcome of the Super Bowl, and I'd have to agree, I think. I have gone back and forth on this a bit, because I do see that sports bring some joy into people's lives. But what I have decided is that the focus should be on sports participation, sportsmanship and mature sports appreciation. I get more of a kick out of city league softball than from watching the best NFL or MLB players in the world. I also, of course, get more exercise. I think the frenzied mass fanaticism of national football or whatever leads to bad sportsmanship and its just so commercialized I can't enjoy it anymore. Watching the Syuper bowl this year, I also realized something about commercials. My friend Candice was groaning about a commercial with a big-breasted brunette losing her shirt strap, and I initially thought she was being overly sensitive because these images are ideals, like the guys on the field, who are bigger and more muscular than I am, but I don't care. But then I thought if it was reversed and the commercials were all about muscular guys flexing their muscles and women going goo goo for them, I might find it pretty disgusting and feel like my society was ignoring the beauty of the normal person. So there's that also. But I think I'm even over the whole Beavers vs Ducks thing. It's all just taking away money from academics and I think I will be focusing on getting money for education for the rest of my life. So that's quite a lot of mixed-up issues, but that's where I'm at.


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