Monday, February 20, 2006

If You Win, You Win

Following the thread here, and appreciating Doc for his comments. With more great opposing viewpoints like that we could have some real fun on these blogs. I think I got you on points today though, Doc.

First, big schools who win big games do get TV revenue and indeed may help buoy academic programs at those schools, but small schools (read: most schools) are forced to try to compete, often at the expense of academics.

Athletic spending grows as academic funds dry up - USA Today 2-18-2004

As far as your statement, Doc, "Do you think if there was no NFL, that all the kids in America would be playing sandlot football all the time? Probably not."

And being very smart-assed and satirical here, but I'm glad mass-mega-national sports came along in the last 50 years to give children the motivation to play sports, which they had been doing in some form for thousands of years.

In addition, I think pro athletes are very, very poor role models in general, except for rare players with respect and civic-mindedness like David Robinson. I think the Rasheed Wallaces of the pro ranks often lead children to throw away plans for a real, sustainable, satisfying life in favor of a shot at a dream that even 98 percent of college athletes fail at, according to one source.

I'm with you on the giant shuffleboard, I mean curling. That shit is dope, yo. It may be that it has been the only Olympic sport on when I get home from work, but I like it a lot. Here's a page on curling terminology. Link



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