Monday, February 20, 2006

Chris' Response to Super Sports entry

I missed this in my inbox before I sent the last call for respones....

[edited for length, but great perspective. I expected Chris to chime in with a fun, crazy
send-up of the whole issue, but he provided a fans-eye view, which is great]

Howdy Chad,
I read you and Tim's Super Bowl blogs. I'm not a blogger, as I was not, at one time, a disk golfer [? - chad] but I think you hit on some interesting points. I grew up in a place where there was not a professional football team any where close. So, I have never had the opportunity to form an allegience to a Football team. My college team was never that great and I always thought that the best(and cheapest) seats were at home. I was able to form a connection with the one professional sports team that did exist in my home town and became a devoted fan. Each of the two straight years that I watched the Utah Jazz make their way to the finals, I was on a month long high. Just counting the hours until the next playoff game. Watching these games in Alaska in mixed company, I was actually involved in brawls that were the result of passionate fans having objecting view points on different calls and plays. This was great!
I loved feeling so much a part of a team, just as a fan. I actually felt I could will them good energy and perhaps even sort of pray for them in a sense. Even Though Jordan stopped the Jazz both championship bids. (everyone knows he pushed off on Russel to get open on that last
second winning shot) [hell yeah, he did - chad] I derived an immense amount of pleasure from these contests. I imagine if I had grown up in Seattle or Pittsburgh, I would have gotten a lot more out of the Super Bowl than I did. Super Bowl Sunday is like another holiday to me, a holiday in which we celebrate the importance of spending time with good friends, eating good food, enjoying the excitement of a good contest and laughing at our own silly commercial culture. I could care less how much those money those athletes make or how blond that commercial chick's hair is.


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