Saturday, February 18, 2006

Issues important to me

1. Constitutional Amendment delineating a Separation of Corporation and State
2. Equitable wealth redistribution
3. End to aggressive foreign policy
4. Forgiveness of Third-World debt
5. Full-funding of education and anti-poverty programs
6. Aggressive prosecution of corporate criminals
7. Creation of cabinet-level department for alternative energy

Blog ring

Hopefully, we can also get some back and forth going and link to each other's blogs and get a blog ring going with a few other friends.

to blog or not to blog

...inspired to blog again by some great comments on my friend Tim Nam's blog... ( I've decided to put down all the thoughts I've been having about what direction to push in for change in this flawed society. I'll obviously be addressing topical issues as they come up, and linking to great pages on funny events and crazy ideas, but for now, I think I'll put down some thoughts I've been having about exactly what issues mean the most to me and the best way to achieve any kind of positive traction with them.

I'll also have a link to a separate blog where I'll keep all the music-related stuff I'm doing, which is also a big part of my strivings and musings these days.

With a baby on the way, I am coming to think that these blogs, if nothing else, will be a good record for ourselves and our posterity about what we were thinking, seeing, feeling, during this unoriginal, unenlightened, uninspired age.

That is, if we don't give up all this electronic stuff as a bad idea. I'm still a bit on the fence about it since it hasn't been proven to be a united or a divider of living persons, but is right now definitely a bit of both.